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Eating out on a keto diet can be hard in the beginning, but luckily you can find keto and lchf options with a few meal modifications and food substitutions almost anywhere.

In this video, we talk about how to eat out on a keto diet to make sure you’re getting the highest quality food while staying in ketosis. We cover:

-How to choose the best restaurants for keto (like farm to table)
-What to order to stay in ketosis
-What food substitutions and meal modifications to make and tips on how to make the request less awkward
-Best health practices for eating out on keto diet and what to absolutely avoid at restaurants
-Meat quality
-Handling being ostracized by friends and family for your health choices

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Custom Keto Diet



  1. Before my keto days, I once went to a Thai restaurant. I asked the wait person how they prepared the Pad Thai — what was their source of the peanut sauce. She came back a couple minutes later and said, "Skippy!" Dear me.

  2. I have lost 80lbs on Keto…and even went through the holidays…but….I am going on a cruise in 2 weeks…and I am getting really nervous being surrounded by food. I know I can make good choices with proteins and fats…but those desserts….I am taking a couple boxes of "The Perfect Keto Bars" for my sweet…I absolutely love them…they are a real treat to me. I am celebrating 30 years of marriage and we will be traveling with my daughter and some grandchildren who will want to eat an ice cream cone with me….I am feeling a little nervous….because I am so structured with myself…I do OMAD right now and mix it with eating 2 meals aday 16/8 and I do just fine. I am 66 years young and have even come off of my blood pressure medication. I take no meds at this point in my life and that has been a goal for a very long time. Thank You for sharing this…I really needed the support. …and just want to say I LOVE your Perfect Keto Bars!!!

  3. I would like to ask. Is GKI (Glucose Ketone Index) accurate? Is it useful to distinguish if you are doing keto strong enough to help with epilepsy or other neurological disease? thanks

  4. What is your opinion on "cheat meals?" I'm NOT talking about cheat meals once a week or a full day of "cheating" I'm talking about one "cheat" meal once a month and only one dish…should I not be too hard on my self about that? Or should it just be a no never do that kind of thing?… I mean come on sometimes you just wants some damn fries right!??

  5. Spot on! The vegetable oils are definitely the hardest to navigate around when eating out.

    An inflammatory response could be considered an allergic reaction to vegetable oils ?

  6. Thanks for the restaurant suggestions and tips! Say….I'm coming to ketocon! Do you have a list or could you compile a list of farm to table and higher quality restaurants in Austin?! I do strive for grass fed and organic and would love to know your favorites in the area! Thanks and maybe I'll meet you there! ? Thanks for all the great quality keto information you share!

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