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— Edwin Moses, American gold medalists 400m hurdles

Full Power Stretching is a unique, scientifically proven method of stretching exercises that were carefully selected and developed to a complete stretching program by Dr Nikki Zevende – long time fitness coach, a world-class expert on body posture and one of the most influential people and ambassadors of stretching in the world.

With the Full Power Stretching, it doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, woman or man, athlete or just a normal person. This stretching program is carefully designed to fit everybody – whether you are a beginner or a professional – who cares about their own well-being and health. Include this very easy exercise routine into your schedule and the first results will come in a few days.

Why is it called Full Power Stretching? Because most people do not uncover the full potential of their bodies. The body is like an engine. A well-oiled machine does the work better than one with the old rusty wheels. Reach the full potential of your body and have ‘your wheels well oiled ’. Just a few minutes a day, you will see the results within days.It is a safe and scientifically proven method.

The Full Power Stretching Program relies on knowledge of hundreds of scientists and researchers (see the list of references below) all over the world on stretching and benefits of stretching for the human body and overall vitality. In combination with more than two decades of practical experiences of the lead coach and author of this program Dr Nikki Zevende, it creates a magical formula for your success to live a better and healthier life.

All exercises in the Full Power Stretching Program and all stretching routines in each video were carefully selected to fit the wide range of recipients and at the same time remain effective to deliver desired results. Your age really doesn’t matter here. The Full Power Stretching Method is as suitable for teenage kids as for the elderly. Don’t hesitate and join the others in a new healthier lifestyle today.

People usually struggle with the lack of time. ‘Fast-paced lifestyle’ and neglecting your own body usually doesn’t pay off well in the long term. Nikki´s Full Power Stretching Program leaves no room for an excuse and designed it in the way that even little time delivers the promised results. Short sequences of ~8 minutes videos a day; 1 hour a week will make a significant difference in your life.

Before releasing this program to the general public, Nikki has been working on the Full Power Stretching Method together with hundreds of her clients in fitness and yoga centres she owns around the world. During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, she decided to go online and spread the word to help more people. Moreover, we offer a 60-days refund policy for every purchase you do on our site. Get your results or get the money back. That’s how confident Nikki actually is about her program.

The Full Power Stretching (sometimes called the Potastatic stretching or plenam potestatem) is the most natural way to make your body more flexible and get healthier. The program implements training methods that have been used for centuries. The program integrates Yoga practice, especially Vinyasa yoga. In combination with hundreds of years old Martial arts moves, it provides a unique program to fit a human body. Some of the stretches in the program were already known in the Ancient times, mainly by Greek Olympic athletes and the Roman warriors.

The Full Power Stretching allows the body to uncover its full potential. In combination with other sports activities such as bodybuilding or cycling, you will achieve the goals like muscle growth and better stamina faster. Your body will use its energy to grow stronger.

Even if one does not exercise regularly nor perform any sports activity, the Full Power Stretching helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, core and lower body muscles, to tackle various health issues such as bladder incontinence and spinal cord issues triggering lower back pain and knee injuries.

The Full Power Stretching program is designed to fit everybody: both women and men, old and young, from complete beginners to athletes. It is safe and healthy.

The Full Power Stretching program was developed by Dr Nikki Zevende, a coach, after two decades of studying the human body and gaining experience, while working with many students in her classes.

The Full Power Stretching program consists of more than 120+ minutes of video guidelines, which will help you to enhance flexibility and health. Even if you take a few weeks-long break, you can always return to the program. Your muscle memory remembers stretches you used to do and you gain flexibility and strength for many years, sometimes for your entire life.

Change your life with this unique stretching method, personally developed by Nikki Zevende PhD, for good and only at the price of a couple Starbucks coffees.

Hi 👋 my name is Nikki. I am an author of the Full Power Stretching Method and I’ve been a professional in this business for more than two decades now.

Since an early age, I have been interested in the human body and tend to discover how it works. During my elementary and high school years, I used to excel at PE. Athletics in particular. That was where I first realised the power of stretching and how overall flexibility can help you to better performance, boost your stamina and help with quick recovery.

After I finished high school I decided to study the human body deeper and thus set up my career as a personal trainer. Obsessed with the human body and how it changes before and after physical activity, I started to pay a lot of attention to stretching and yoga exercises. These particular exercises can help you to prepare your body for high-intensity training and relax afterwards.

After a couple of years, I’ve managed to open up my first studio, teaching people how to take better care of their bodies. While studying the papers, studies and experiments from top leading sports scientists, many of whom were the golden medalists’ advisors in different sports at the Olympics and with many of whom I have personally met, I finally gathered the solid knowledge of how the body works and how to take care of it in order to live a long and prosperous life. Finally! My childhood dream came true.

Since I was very eager to travel around the world, getting to know new people, I visited the United States and Canada and also Asia. Various people around the globe shared their stories with me, explaining their values and objectives. Especially in Asia – India, Bhutan, Nepal and Thailand, I was lucky to meet the people who introduced me to a deeper knowledge of the muscular system and how it performs under different amounts of load. Along the way, I was able to hold local courses which helped thousands of people to get their bodies right and into shape and I became a professional coach.

As I was getting recognised, more and more people were coming to me with different problems, asking me if I could help them with their issues. Scoliosis in children, young kids having stamina problems, muscles and joints pain at mid-age generation, people demanding quicker recovery after injuries up to some having troubles to lift up their grandchild.

After a couple of years of helping people, I’ve decided to come up with something that can actually make a bigger difference and help more people than I was ever able to assist personally. I’ve decided to develop a specific and unique program that incorporates the best of my 20 years old knowledge of the human body and make it online for a broader audience.

And that is why the Full Power Stretching Method and Program were created. Carefully selected stretching exercises in the right sequence order and regular repetition will provide you with everything your body needs for a prosperous life full of energy. Hopefully, you will enjoy every single bit of it and you’ll give your body the care it deserves.

If you start with the Full Power Stretching Method and carefully follow the video instructions, you should see and feel significant changes in your life in the first week regarding mainly your improved health and overall body flexibility.

The Full Power Stretching Method is proven to be a pathway to better health. Loss of weight, improved functioning of cardio-vascular system, stabilised blood pressure and a balanced mind are the most beneficial results of this method. Following the best practices that Nikki came up with for you in this exceptional program will help you to enjoy every minute of your life. Why wait any longer?

Whether you are an athlete, regular person working out or simply thinking about getting more flexible in general, you will find the Full Power Method very helpful. Carefully selected sequence of exercises will help your muscles to stretch more than you would ever expect. Regained flexibility will help your performance of physical activity as well as picking up dropped keys from the ground.

Studies have shown that well-stretched muscles are less prone to injuries. A flexible body will not only help you with better performance without the risk of injury but helps your body to cool down and bounce muscles back to normal. It is also scientifically proven that particular stretching methods accelerate the recovery process after accidents (like car/bike crashes, falls…)

The muscular system is a crucial part of our body. Shorten, tight or weak muscles never perform as well stretched and flexible ones. Whether you plan to go for a family hike or achieve better results in your physical activity, you might need someone to guide you on how to boost your flexibility, strength and make your body work harder and longer. Increase your stamina now.

Dull pain in the neck, in the back or pelvic area. Headaches or chronic migraines. Sore muscle or pinched nerves are a common cause of insufficient flexibility. The Full Power Stretching Method was developed to provide full-body stretching practice and to help to relieve pain. This program will help you with a deep stretch and get rid of pain quickly and for good.

Run longer, jump higher, fold deeper. Get faster and stronger than ever before. Your body is a machine and has unlimited potential. You only need to uncover limits of your flexibility and full body power. Thanks to the precisely designed Full Power Stretching Method it can come true in a couple of weeks.

Researchers all over the world emphasize the link between physical and mental fitness. Based on studies perfected by thousands of hours of practical experience, the Full Power Stretching Method brings a well-balanced mix of exercises that help your body to regain its lost flexibility along with mindfulness. As a result, you should feel more relaxed and happy.

In a couple of days you will see a significant change in your body. A flexible and well-trained body works better in general and it pushes you further along with your habits, diet and water consumption. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to organise your thoughts and get ready for the day. It is an extraordinary feeling and induces you into a state of general well-being.

— Denise Austine, American fitness instructor

— Erin Heatherton, American model; former Victoria’s Secret Angel

— Khalil Mack, American footballer

— Nobu Matsuhisa, Japanese celebrity Chef

— Jason Statham, British actor

— Edwin Moses, American gold medalists 400m hurdles

— Kim Cattrall, Golden Globe Winner, Canadian actress

Scientifically proven, safe program that has helped tens of thousands people globally

120+ minutes of professional guidance for every day stretching

Get your results within days, program is suitable even for your level of advancement

60-days refund policy. If the result won’t come, we will refund the purchase price

Change your life with this unique stretching method, personally created by Nikki Zevende PhD, for good and only for the cost of a couple of Starbucks coffee cups.

Carefully selected set of stretching exercises that keeps you healthy, full of energy and helps you feel better. Supervised by a professional, qualified coach with more than 20 years of experience who has helped thousands of people. Short video guides for daily stretching practice that won’t take more time than having a morning coffee. Actually, you can have the coffee after the exercise – it will taste better 🤗

KICK-START YOUR DAYMorning stretch is a great way to wake your body up and get your metabolism ready for the day. This practice is easy and suitable even for beginners. You will improve your flexibility and fill your body and mind with much needed energy for the day ahead.

EVERYDAY TRAININGThis sequence is great if you tend to spend a lot of time on the PC. It should be performed regularly. Stretching is deemed essential to reduce and release body tension. This 10 minutes-long practice targets your neck, shoulders and even the back. It takes only 10 minutes and you´ll need a mat to practice on.

CHALLENGEDo you tend to feel tired or stressed out? Do you find it difficult to focus? These standing inversion pose might help you to get rid of all your problems! Headstand pose is very beneficial but only if performed correctly and with caution.

PEACE IN MINDExercise and strengthen arms, back and abdominal muscles. It improves your coordination, sharpens focus and the central nervous system. It boosts your self-confidence, imagination, makes you look more charismatic, elegant and keeps your mind clear.

EVERYDAY TRAININGWhether your muscles tend to get tired or stiff due to a sedentary lifestyle, this sequence will improve the flexibility of the lower body and even 10 min of stretching helps to release muscle tension and increase nourishment absorption. You will feel more relaxed and full of energy.

ULTIMATE CHALLENGEThe split pose is one of the most appealing yoga poses. Achievable for one, virtually impossible for another. But! Even though your flexibility might not be the best, this stretching routine will help you to reach your desired goal faster than you think.

Scientifically proven safe program, that helped tens of thousands people globally

120+ minutes of professional guidance for every day stretching.

Get your results within days, program is suitable even for your level of advancement

60-days refund policy. If the result won’t come, we will refund the purchase price

Change your life with this unique stretching method, personally created by Nikki Zevende PhD, for good and only for the cost of a couple of Starbucks coffee cups.

— Denise Austine, American fitness instructor

The Full power stretching is a proven way to uncover the full power potential of your body. It is based on knowledge from yoga, static and dynamic stretching, bodybuilding and centuries of martial arts. It also incorporates stretches known back from the Ancient times thus sometimes also called the Potestatic stretching.

The secret of the success of the Full Power Stretching lies in combining the best from static and dynamic stretching while applying various yoga poses as well. The Full Power Stretching method is very natural for the human body and relies on profound scientific research. You can find a list of articles and studies used at the bottom of this homepage.

Human muscular system is in many ways similar to other mammals. Therefore the Full Power Stretching program introduces movements you have probably noticed before on other wild mammals – like lions, bears or gorillas. Simply observe your dog or cat stretching out and compare it to your body activity.

The Full Power Stretching is suitable for a wide range of people from complete beginners to advanced athletes. Regardless of age and gender, you can benefit from the Full Power Stretching program. Make sure you let any muscles or connective tissue injuries enough time to heal completely before beginning the Full Power Stretching regime.

With the Full Power Stretching program you can start with your exercises right after the purchase. You’ll receive a download link in your email inbox in minutes after ordering the Full Power Stretching program. By clicking on this link, you will be able to view the entire Full Power Stretching program on your computer or any portable digital device. In case the link is not in your inbox, please make sure you double-check the Spam folder.

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Payment for the Full Power Stretching program is a one-time payment. There are no recurring charges associated with the Full Power Stretching program. 

Unlike getting a gym membership or working with a private personal trainer, you only pay once and the product is available to you forever.

Potestatic stretching term comes from Latin “Plenam potestatem” – the term used mainly in Ancient times and effectively embracing a similar approach, the name Full Power Stretching is commonly used today in English-speaking countries.

We have a no-questions-asked 60 days money-back guarantee if you won’t see the anticipated results of the Full Power Stretching program.

It differs and depends on your body type and the frequency of exercise. The program teaches you to exercise regularly and build a routine. You will feel better, burn more calories and your body will get more fit. This is the best way to start losing weight with long-lasting results. 

Nikki has twenty years of experience with students in her studio and many people reported significant improvement after the first days of following the Full Power Stretching program.

Yes! One of the perks of the program is unlimited access thus once you have done the purchase videos are yours forever. There are no additional expenses after returning to the program.

Some people report better results after several weeks of inability to exercise for different reasons and joining the program again; how is this possible?

Our bodies work under a phenomenon called muscle memory. Therefore, after any break in your routine, we recommend starting exercising again. The results will come even quicker than before.

The program is designed to fit women and men of all fitness levels, from very new beginners to advanced athletes. 

If you are a beginner, please, do start slowly, no more than one video a day. After a few days, you will see your body growing more fit and flexible and that is the right time to add more exercise. 

It is also recommended to perform some of the exercises during the day. Get your body moving! Short movement every 30 seconds is believed to be very healthy – especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle and work. Take a short walk or stretch a little. Even such small steps will already help you to improve your health and fitness.

The Full Power Stretching makes each pose easier right from the basics and then walk you to more challenging poses in a very detailed way.

Do not miss your chance now. With our limited-free offer now you get a guarantee of the lowest price and access to our bonus videos designed to enhance the overall experience and results of the program. Highly recommended!

It is proven that regular stretching helps to achieve better workout results. Stretching can lead to an increase of muscle mass by 318%. While using the Full Power Stretching program our students have achieved significantly better results compared to mere static or dynamic stretching.

Researchers claim that even 12 weeks of passive stretching can improve blood flow and improve your heart health. They say stretching can reduce problems of the cardiovascular system and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. With the Full Power Stretching program, you can accomplish these results faster and enjoy the harmony of fitness and flexibility. For further information please consult your medical doctor.

The Full Power Stretching employs centuries-old methods. Many elements of the program come from Yoga, especially Vinyasa yoga. In combination with stretches practised in Martial arts that are hundreds of years old, it offers a unique program that naturally fits a human body. Stretches used in the program were already known in the Ancient times, particularly to the Olympic athletes in ancient Greece and the Roman warriors. This is the reason why some people call the Full Power Stretching also Potastetic stretching.

Change your life with this unique stretching method, personally developed by Nikki Zevende PhD, for good and only for the cost of a couple of Starbucks coffees.

“ Being healthy and feeling happy is so simple. Although many people procrastinate every day, offering themselves fake excuses why they cannot start to work with their body. Therefore I’ve created a method that will not allow you to continue with this nonsense anymore. And it actually works and I’ve already helped thousands of people around the globe. “

The Full Power Stretching Method is based on findings of the best research, studies and practical experience gained by Dr Zevende during her long professional career as a coach. Specifically developed with the aim to boost your flexibility and strength.

Join the community of tens of thousands of satisfied clients of Dr Nikki who got rid of their pain or flexibility issues. Join people who are finally able to enjoy each moment of their life thanks to this unique stretching method.

To show you how confident we are about the uniqueness and high-quality of our program, we have decided to offer our clients program purchase with 60-days full refund policy guarantee so you don’t need to worry and focus on your progress.

There are many ways to become partially flexible or stretch a certain part of the body. Dr Zevende combines the scientific knowledge of her extensive study and years of acquired practical experience into one unified stretching program at a price of less than a full tank of gas.

Body stretching does not require any additional equipment nor special tools. Feel-good sensations are not conditioned by any financial investment in unnecessary gadgets believed to help you to a better condition. We want to bend your body, not your credit card.

It has been scientifically proven, the human body must maintain routine to perform well. The Full Power Method will get you on track to build your exercise routine in order to gain your flexibility in the shortest time possible for you to feel great and relaxed.

Scientifically proven and safe program, that has helped tens of thousands people globally

120+ minutes of professional guidance for every day stretching

Get your results within days, program is suitable even for your level of advancement

60-days refund policy. If the result won’t come, we will refund the purchase price

Change your life with this unique stretching method, personally developed by Nikki Zevende PhD, for good and only for the cost of a couple of Starbucks coffees.

Besides years of experience Dr. Nikki Zevende sourced the multiple scientific articles and researches to get the Full Power Stretching Method to perfection. Below you can find the most influential books for this program.

Alpkaya, U., Koceja, D., 2007. The effects of acute static stretching on reaction time and force. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 47.

Guillot, A., Kerautret, Y., Queyrel, F., Schobb, W., di Rienzo, F., 2019. Foam rolling and joint distraction with elastic band training performed for 5- 7 weeks respectively improve lower limb flexibility. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 18.

Vaghela, V., Parmar, D., 2015. Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Agility Performance in Tennis Players. International Journal of Science and Research 4.

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