Custom Keto Diet
Ketones are normal compounds that show up in your body when the body’s primary fuel, glucose, is running low. Ketones come from the breakdown of fat so if they are present, fat is being burned. Following a keto diet is an effective way to coax your body to make ketones, but it is not the only way. In this video, I share actions that you can take to boost ketone production in your body, even if you are not fully keto.

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Custom Keto Diet



  1. Thank you for this. I gave up a strict keto diet a few months ago and now do low carb with all the elements you mentioned. It's not often watch one of your videos and think "yup, I'm doing good!" x

  2. Hi Dr Becky. I have question. I had acute pancreatitis 3 years ago and my dr wants me to keep my fat consumption around 40 or 50g. I lost 66 lbs during the year after but since then have been gaining weight. My pancreas still hurts but not as severely. So I haven't dared trying the keto diet with the high fat (although I did pretty good on Atkins years ago). I am a SERIOUS sugar addict and I know I am killing myself, but it is something I've struggled with forever. I struggle with bingeing. I've been listening to your "getting off sugar" videos and I'm trying to get a plan figured out that I think I can do. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I know I HAVE to keep trying. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

  3. I do a Keto diet primarily WITH the odd day of low carb. It works for me, helping me to lose my last 10/lbs. ?. I also do daily IF & periodic 2-5 days of extended fasting. But I prefer daily IF. Love 2Fitdocs also! ?? GREAT video ?, thank you Dr Becky ??

  4. Dr. Becky, what about the product keto elevate by bio trust? They claim that it is 4 times more effective than coconut oil or met oil! Would appreciate your comments. Great videos as well! Very good camera demeanor!


  6. Hi, Dr. Becky! I started my journey on January 2nd at 263 lbs. I ate a low carb diet using the Adkins theory and lost 12 lbs. ? Then on February 16th I went Keto and now am 30 lbs lighter, thanks to you.? Just this week I’ve been trying to fast 16:8. Around 6:30am or so I have Keto coffee for breakfast, but by about 10:30am my stomach is growling. Should I eat then or try to wait until noon? Thanks!

  7. So good, so true. I've gained 6 lbs during the past few weeks because of self-isolation – run out of green, leafy vegetables, eating way more rice and pasta from the back of my cupboard, exercising less, and drinking more alcohol. Your calm approach is motivating.

  8. Great video as always. While I am not a disbeliever it is hard for me to "get on board" with eating more meat and fewer vegetables. Especially excluding any vegetables. Health is also about eating foods that are about nutrient, mineral, and fiber-rich. We certainly also have to address humane and sustainable living practices. Thank you.

  9. I’m OMAD Carnivore. I eat once a day to satiety, I obviously fast 23 hours every day thereafter, exercise daily, ditch the carbs and occasionally supplement with exogenous ketones though this isn’t required. What and when (how often) you eat dictates elevation or lack thereof of insulin and forces my body to use fat for fuel, resulting in sustainable weight loss and mental clarity and focus. Carbohydrates are not necessary for human consumption and well being, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  10. Love learning the doctoral details as to how I can make ketones without following a ketogenic diet. The keto diet does not appeal to me, and thank goodness I don't need to go there. I'm doing very well with your low-carb diet interspersed with 16:8 IF. Idea: Maybe do a doctoral presentation as to how IF can help people avoid/overcome COVID-19 due to autophagy and basic cellular cleansing, etc? Just a thought. Love you and Dr. Keith oodles.

  11. Week 2 of low carb and still losing weight ?. Sorry Dr. Keith, I am totally Team Becky??. Since I have switched from full Keto to low carb, I am sleeping better and digestion has improved ?

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