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  1. Just a question when on keto obviously we need to track carbs and protein but is it ok to not be on a deficit for the first week .what i mean is just hitting your maintenance in calories and whenever you are hungry hust eat some more fats like eggs and avocados ? Or do you have to be in a deficit

  2. What do you think about when starting to not care about volume or portion control. Eat as much keto food as you want just to get over the initial hump.

  3. Great video brother! But in my case, I’m assuming I need to NOT take in a bunch of fat because I’m obese. Am I wrong? I’ve been taking in little bits of fat but not much. I figure I want to use MY OWN fat for now. Am I wrong? I’m actually Doing hcg diet right now. Plan on getting down to more of a normal weight THEN going for the KETO lifestyle. Until then, do you think I should still take in a good amount of fat anyway considering I’m still overweight? Thx for ur time Jason

  4. Very inspiring , about to collect all acknowledge before i start keto diet ,
    Very challeging for a family father where i mostly am in charge of the cooking , but when i decide to do something i usually succed. But just dont jump into something without research properly , great videos , about to watch them all .

  5. Hi Jason my name is Kathryn Mitchell I started keto one week ago and I was 165kg I have lost 5kg and watching your video and you are experiencing me to be healthier and I am getting married next year and I wanted to look my best

  6. I am in the UK and found you on youtube (I count total carbs). I started my keto journey on 22 jan 18, I am doing 5% carbs, 75% fat and 30% protein and my calories are 1290 per day. I keep to my macros and exercise 5 days out of 7. I am 51, 5'7" and 206lb and want to lose 42lb. To date I have only lost 3lb yet my fat % has gone from 48% to 45%. I do feel so much better being on keto but I just cannot understand why I am not losing weight. I am not asking for a one to one but after watching you I would be interested in your view. I always measure my food as well, am I doomed to be fat ….
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  7. Hey bro, I am starting the keto diet but I am different. I have no kidney function at all. I have not made urine in over 5 years. Not one drop. I do 11 hours of dialysis every day. I have talked to my dietician and she said this diet is fine. I just have to consume high protein always because my dialysis flushes it out every day. Have you worked with anyone in my position?

  8. Hey Jason, I really want to thank you for all the motivation as well as all the information regarding the “Keto” diet. Just to keep this brief, I started the diet on January 10, 2018 weighing 211.4 lbs, today I weigh 197.8 lbs! I lost 13.6 lbs in 16 days, some people may say that’s a bit aggressive and I won’t debate anyone in regards to this but this is what I had currently experienced. Also in conjunction with the Keto diet I intermittent fast 16:8 hrs which has allowed me to have a bulletproof coffee as my first meal at 2:003:00 P.M. and only one meal during the rest of the 8 hour eating “window”. To whoever has tried different diets with negative results, go Keto and see how it works for you. My only regret was not trying this Keto diet a long time ago. Thx again Jason and God Bless.

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