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In this interview with Mark Sisson, we discuss the best strategies to transition into a ketogenic diet gently and effectively. To get a free 7-day trial of the Keto Edge Summit, go here:

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Custom Keto Diet



  1. I’ve been keto 2 years. I discovered mark in summer of 18. Got the book listened to videos. So helpful. I lost 3 sizes and would love two more. I will never go back to processed foods regularly. I eat keto 80+% of the time.

  2. Unless your a metabolic mess, 30 days works really well. Then add some potatoes, carrots and celery to a roast. I keep some homemade bean chili on hand to flavor greens, spinach in particular. Bring some sweet potato in as well. You’ll be strutting around like a champ at about 100 or so grams a day. Some days much less.

  3. Off topic sorry but picked the latest vid for best chance at response!

    Do you have any advice/opinion regarding hpv, colposcopy & biopsy? I am struggling to find much info in the way of side effects & alternatives ect, whether they are really safe or just "mainstream medical faux safe" & would appreciate & value your opinion.
    My last 2 paps have shown low grade hpv abnormal cells but as it is still there 12 months after the first time it showed up (so possibly max 3 yrs as my pap before was clear 2 yrs prior) it now classified as moderate risk. I am booked in for colposcopy & most likely biopsy in about 10 days but would prefer not to take any invasive measures if avoidable or if these procedures are actually higher risk than it appears as everything online pretty much just says it is safe.

    I am 30, no children, Chronic fatigue, autoimmune, severe pots ongoing 15 yrs but all fairly managed at present. I am somewhat more concerned of cancer risk due to family history (different areas not cervical) & being in a constant high anxiety stress state through a longterm abusive relationship. Over 6 months out but worried the emotional state would have provided a perfect state for disease to flourish in my already compromised body.

    Thanks for any advice 🙂

  4. I did Keto religiously for 2 years, lost 50lbs, then at the end of the 2 years I hit the wall. I even did the one reset of healthy carb meal per week as many suggest. Later I find out that person's with Blood type A can have problems on Keto long term, while blood type O's seem to do fine with both Keto and Paleo and even the Carnivore diet……great stomach acid those O's.

    I ended up introducing more soluble and insoluble fibre back into my diet. I did gain around 20 pounds back but felt so much better than my lowest weight on Keto. I have gained no more weight back and doing great. I can't help agree with Dr. D'adamo that blood type A's do require more healthy carbs that blood type O's. I do still fast 16 hours per day.

  5. As far ex exogeneous ketones are concerned – common-sense alone tells us that its just WRONG to ingest massive quantities of ketones in drink form since the body NEVER produces ketones at that heavy of concentration. We have NO evolutionary experience in dealing with such mega doses and who knows what the side-effects long term might be (ketone resistance or over suppression of natural anabolic/catabolic swings?). For those having medical need of exogenous ketones – it would be prudent to sip them SLOWLY in small doses over the course of the day.

  6. Excellent. Mr. Sission has nearly the exact same anthropological and social evolutionary insights as I do with respect to how we are by sloth and gluttony and over-exposure to non-seasonal highly de-structrured/high-glycemic carbs destroying our metabolism and losing metabolic flexibility. Until "modern man" gets this insight and change of approach into this entire being and social eating habits and culture he is DOOMED to mediocrity, disease, and economic bankruptcy of entire nations' welfare and social/medical programs. That in turn will lead to loss of quality of life, anarchy as failed gov's can no longer afford "justice/law-enforcement" and then too civil and global unrest – war – and massive massive death to cull the herds. At the core of the problem is FAKE science and subsidized "cheap" grain/carb food crops that are feeding ever more people world wide but KILLING THEM and limiting their life span (almost as a programmed way to kill the population off the ponzi social security and retirements programs – BY DESIGN). Even worse even our primary foods – animal/fats are tainted with these CHEAP grains and working into every aspect of our food intake. We are facing a crisis unseen in human history by "affluence" and "incompetence" – massive IR, diabetes, cancers, metabolic defects, organ failures, brain rot/dementia/mental-illness.

    We MUST change FAST.

  7. your guest doesn't know how to in a can, helps a diabetic get into keto and then don't need it in a can! at 1st to get insulin down I had to use to in a can! then could use fewer injections then he was produced without the aid of canned stuff! Type #2 !!

  8. My only intake of carbs comes from raw, farm raised, grass fed dairy–always in fermented form–and I feel great. I've been doing low carb for almost a year in tandem with intermittent fasting, and I feel great.

  9. I’m so excited to listen to this talk. I’d love to hear what you and Mark recommend to eat/take on 100 mile bike rides on keto? Changing from high carb bars and high carb diet to keto and not sure what to eat for energy and sustainability. Thanks much for this discussion

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