Custom Keto Diet
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If you’re 50 or older you may have heard that keto can be dangerous. Should you eat that much fat? Should you eat that much protein? Should you eat that much salt? These questions are important, and deserve an answer.

Eating the right food can improve your health. Eating the wrong diet can lead to disease. The goal is to eat a diet that prolongs both your life-span and your health-span.

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Custom Keto Diet



  1. Keto is the easiest, most delicious most satisfying way of eating. I love it and many people in my circle are beginning to adopt it as well with great success. I lost 22.6 lbs in 67 days

  2. Am almost 69 yrs and started 2 years ago. Wish I’d known about keto and carnivore years ago. I am healthier than I have been in decades and more active. Lost 80+ pounds with Keto with no saggy skin. Am now Carnivore (started about a month ago) Amazingly I have become more active (walking more) with Keto and am now remembering my dreams with Carnivore and even more increased energy with carnivore. Am feeling more alert. Never thought what I ate could be so easy, or that I could always be full and have no food cravings. My skin is also clearer and less dry. Will never go back to the SAD. Unless coming off an extended 40-60 hr fast only eat one meal a day.

  3. Hey all! Keto has been a great choice for me and the only thing that has really worked. I just turned 75, (boy that sounds like a phony number). Anyway, at one time weighed 275. I’ve tried a multitude of diets and keto is the one that works for me. It is not hard to do. Eat enough protein, fats and veggies and keep the carbs low. You won’t get hungry and the siren call of potato chips and jelly beans will cease. It’s easy to tell the carbs good bye. Am now the same size and weight I was in high school back in the early 60’s. Weight 170 and wear 36” pants. Medical tests are great and Doc is very pleased.

  4. I am not over 50-yet-almost 50, at 48. I have been doing Keto and intermittent fasting for 2 months now. I do not find it restrictive or hard to do at all. Infact I was surprised at how easy it was to do. I can still eat foods I can buy in the grocery store, just tend to shop the outside isles more then the middle isles that's all. I never feel like I am starving, in fact I find I do not tend to snack between meals like I used to when I ate a high carb low fat diet. I actually feel full after a meal. Also I have lost 24.4lbs in the two months I have been on Keto.

  5. I've been doing Dr. Berry's way of doing keto for 2 weeks now. I'm type 2 diabetic. I'm not taking insulin now. I've gotten off of statins. I feel alot better already and did my first 72 hour fast it was so easy I was shocked. I'm only eating once a day so I'm fasting 23 hours a day. Thanks so much Dr. Berry for saving my life. More to come.

  6. I'm 63. Been working at … and then on… IF and Keto for about 6 weeks. Lost 30+ pounds. We are lowering my high blood pressure meds as a result. My blood glucose readings are way down. And I've been in ketosis since my 3 day fast quite a while ago. Maybe even earlier than that. I'm still figuring things out and I must say I'm rather enjoying the ride so far. Thanks for your videos, Dr. Berry. You're very informative and supportive.

  7. After my bloods sugar glucose levels
    Results April 2019
    Where my Doctor told me I was pre Diabetic and wanted me to go on medication

    I suggested to him let me try change my diet
    And it was then I did a lot of research
    And came across Dr Berry
    On going on keto

    I was having very high carbs

    From end of summer 2019
    I completely changed my diet
    I have gone on very very low carbs
    I still have one sandwich a day 2 slice low carb bread

    Fast forward February 2020
    My sugar glucose levels has come and I am no longer pre Diabetic
    Thank God
    The Doctor is too quick dishing out tablets
    He said to me cholesterol is on the high side and wanted me to take Statin

    I told him absolutely no way was I going on these

  8. I am 67, on the Keto diet for a few years by now. Lost 20 pounds, 15 more to go. Love it! I have Celiacs disease, so Keto is a natural fit. Bake bread, pancakes and other baked goods from Coconut flour and almond flour, plus other keto friendly flours. I feel so much better than even just on a gluten free diet. Love fish and turkey, bacon, nuts, and various keto friendly veggies, and never run out of a variety in my diet. Use butter, coconut oil. I have never been on any “permanent” medication other than natural thyroid medication. Keto is great tasting and lots of great cookbooks are available for ideas. My daughter and I share a home and a love for the keto diet, and I have lots of energy to homeschool my ASD 11 year old grandson. Retirement and Keto = perfect combination. 🙂

  9. I'm 68 Keto has been easy. I have 4 lung diseases and 3 heart diseases. Forced into disability retirement 11 years ago, told I only had about a year left to live. I've been on strict Keto for 3 years. October 15, 2020 had my best echocardiogram Ever. I've cut my COT from 8 lpm to 3.5 lpm in the last 2 years and I'm no longer pre diabetic.

  10. Maybe it's not age alone that makes us more insulin resistant, unable to absorb, and everything else you said. Maybe it's as simple as the longer we consume the SAD, the more everything breaks down. I wonder if the same things would happen to a 70 year old who had been carnivore their entire life. The fact that T2 diabetes can be cured with diet says it's not an age thing. If we become more insulin resistant with age and eat carnivore, then what? Just don't eat?

  11. I love keto because it’s killing my appetite and I buy some vegetables at the produce and put some olive oil .next I put some grass fed beef or fish I’m good to go . The first time in my life I felt so good about myself.thank you so much.

  12. I’m 65 years of age and I’ve been on the keto diet about six months. As diets go, I found it quite simple and easy to implement. The only challenge I find is in detecting and rooting out sources of hidden sugars in food. So far I’ve lost about 25 pounds. Right now I’ve hit a plateau and I’m having difficulty losing anymore weight.

  13. If one cooks, then this is an easy way of eating. There’re a lot of excellent recipes which gives variety. If one is used to fast food, this would be hard, I expect. I started this last summer and I’ve lost 30 lbs in 7 months at 72 years of age. I lost more then I wanted so this shows me it was easy! In the past, I struggled to lose 5 lbs and always gained it back. If one is really interested in changing habits and losing weight, this is the easiest diet. Of course, I can’t speak for vegetarians. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t eat meat…..but I wouldn’t know how to maintain a vegetarian diet off keto either.

  14. I am 57 y ears old and have really enjoyed Keto.  It has gotten me off my Metformin for diabetes and Crestor for high cholesterol.  I started Keto in August and am about 90% carnivore at this time.  My husband and I are excited to see our results.  We both go back for blood work in March. On Keto my A1C went from 11.3 to 6.2 in 4 months.

  15. I'm 60 years old and have been eating strictly Keto for 5 months. I've lost 42 pounds with zero exercise and now weigh 190 lbs. My Type II Diabetes is gone, no longer on Insulin. My A1C is below 5.6. The Keto Diet is Very Easy to Eat on a Daily basis. It's as simple as eating Meats, Hard Cheeses, some veggies and some berries All Found in Dr Berry's Videos. I feel Great and I'm never hungry. I've followed Dr Berry's advice exactly and it works. It can work for you too.

  16. Dr Barry, I am 75 and have been Keto since Jan 10. But I did Atkins in 2003 and 2004 so this is not new to me. This lifestyle is not hard. I get to eat wonderful foods. I do not miss the carbs except bread sometimes. Of course, since doing Atkins before and being pre-diabetic, I have lowered carbs for years, just not this low. I'm having a wonderful time although the weight is not coming off as easily this time.

  17. Iv been a bodybuilder for ever and have always eaten lowish carbs hi protein low low fat and have changed to keto 8 weeks ago and boy do I feel better look better and my energy is through the roof…. Iv lost 1st 2lb… My next step is to buy a keto blood test kit ???

  18. I just started KETO several weeks ago….I have enjoyed every day. I cook and bake more than I have in the past! Some of the recipes are sooooo delicious! Just lost my first 16lbs in about 6 weeks! I have not craved certain foods as I usually have. We have also used a lower sodium salt so we had no challenge. I began this diet because I was diagnosed with Diabetes.waiting for my next blood work to see where I am with my levels!

  19. I’m 65, started 7 months (64) ago. 45 pounds loss, off all BP meds, (from 135/80 with meds to 115/65 without)? this diet is so easy and satisfying, I wish I discovered KETO 30 years ago. One positive aspect that my wife ever notices is how my memory is better and my thinking is a lot clearer. Do yourself a favor, try this way of eating and you will be AMAZED!

  20. My husband and I are 57 and have been doing Keto for one year and we will do this forever! We feel great and our blood work is great too! We are wearing sizes that we wore in high school! It is not hard!

  21. I’m 63 and have been intermittent fasting (16 hrs) and Keto for 5 months. My Mom had type2 diabetes and was morbidly obese. She was taking a huge amount of insulin for her diabetes and never really got her blood glucose under control. I started feeling bad and checked my blood glucose levels. I realized I was headed down the same road and started searching the low carb life style. I found you and when I realized the myth about treating diabetes with insulin, I was convinced that I needed to start a low carb life style immediately. I told my doctor that I refused to take insulin when I could control my glucose level with a simple lifestyle change. I’ve lost 42 pounds and my glucose levels are around 70-80. My husband was able to get off of his blood pressure meds and his acid reflux meds after he lost 40 pounds. I’ve never felt better and I can say it’s the easiest and best thing I have ever done to improve my health. The fasting helps reduce the fat storage and isn’t hard after about 2 weeks. Thank you so much for educating us on how to eat healthy and how wrong the guidelines are that we grew up with. Keto isn’t a diet at all, it’s a healthy lifestyle with proven results!

  22. My 78 year wife is a 14 months post kidney transplant patient. Her blood lipid panels are wonderful. She is 5'2" and 100 pounds. We have been eating Keto for 1 month now. For many years we have been on a Paleo diet. The transplant team put her on Pravastatin immediately upon having the transplant. We asked them about the statins at the time and they recommended it for all kidney transplant patients. My wife has a genetic disease called APKD which slowly, over the years, destroyed her kidneys. This required us, at age 75, to do home hemodialysis for 2 years prior to the transplant. The APKD Cysts had the GFR down to 12%. Most kidney problems are caused by type 2 diabetes or other metabolic syndrome diseases. She has none of that. Because of the many side effects of the statins, we want to discontinue their use. Can we safely go cold turkey on stopping this statin? We have been on the paleo diet for years but are taking the next step by giving up all sugars and refine carbs. The carbs we get now are from a bit of fruit, never fruit juice, and fresh veggies! We do have 1/2 of a baked yam with lots of grass fed butter at some meals. We eat Macadamia Nuts and Pecans if calories are needed. The side effects of statins seem overwhelming to us. So here is our question , should a 78 year old healthy woman , who exercises daily, go cold turkey on statins?

  23. I am 58, 175lbs from 272lbs for 5 years now. Keto and never hungry. I don't count macros or calories. I basically eat meat with vegetables. No sugar or grains.

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