Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet



  1. Thank You for speaking english??the others are way busy trying to feel important with fat bomb in the ole coffee and all that foolishness…GOOD GRIEF!

  2. Weird science. If you refuse to eat for a long time.. not 4 months.. not 5 months.. 10 months.. then you lose weight. 1000 calories a day.. and never cheat. 1 meal a day. The food is never coming. I'm never ever full.. I go to bed every night hungry.

  3. Thanks so much for this helpful bit of information. I have been trying to lose 10kg on a mostly carnivore diet, veggies every now and again. Yes everyone says eat loads of fat but that hasn't worked for me. I will now try high protein low fat and hopefully get results.

  4. Not sure if you check old videos, but How do you do keto when you are seceptable to migraines due to protein spiking blood sugar issues. I am 5'6 and have always been around 130lbs, but feel puffy on keto/carnivore (i eat cucumbers). But protein above 60 grams per day gives me headaches and metallic breath. What am I doing wrong? I know higher protein keeps me leaner but these side effects are not fun!

  5. Thank you for the video. I'm 5'5", and have been around 125lbs my whole adult life. Had a rough time last year and now I've been sitting at 145lbs and so uncomfortable in my own skin.. I've been on keto for a month now.. very strict, no cheating, hitting "my macros" according to carb manager and I'm at 147 lbs now.. its incredibly defeating. I think the problem is that I won't be hungry, but will see that I haven't hit my fat for the day and make myself a cheesey, fatty cut of meat, veggie filled dinner and think I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. If I didn't see those macro numbers I probably would skip a lot more meals and be completely comfortable. Then I get people in my ear about how I'm starving myself and if I don't eat enough calories I'll put my body into starvation mode. I really feel for people who have struggled with weight loss their whole lives now, I took my body's natural equilibrium for granted. Anyway, this makes sense to me, and I'm going to give it a shot. I like my leafy greens and chicken anyway ? Thank you again. Subscribed to you as of today!

  6. Thank you for reminding me, as a nurse, that keto for fat loss is more about what you are not eating, mainly carbs and excessive protein, than stuffing your body with tons of fat that you don't need. *Note: I have cared for kids with refractory seizures and adults in status epilepticus…it is horrible.

  7. you are so right, period…thanks for bringing this up…I always lost more weight on protein…I can eat fat til I explode, that's me.  but protein fills me up…glad I listened to this.

  8. Thanks for solving the mystery of my SLOWWW weight loss on Keto. I’m a 200-lb, post-menopausal woman with 50 pounds to lose. I fell for the too-good-to-be-true “gorge on fat” hype and dropped 6 lbs (1.5 lbs/week) and one pants size in the first month. Not bad but nothing like the results I got with HCG VLCD (very low cal diet), which is NOT a long-term lifestyle solution. This month, am going to take your advice – increase my proteins and add more healthy veggies, rather than stuff myself on macadamia nuts, whip cream, cheese and nut butter. I’m also going to watch calories, as I’ve been consuming 1500-1800/day (maintenance range) which is still too high. (This kept my blood ketones between 0.6-1.5 – light nutritional Ketosis but not radical.) Will keep you posted!

  9. I'm female 167 cm, 126 lbs. I've been in keto for 2 months but gain 5 pounds instead. I am very frustrated and didn't know what went wrong. during the 2 months, I did 2 hours weight lifting and 1 hour cardio every other day. I tried OMAD every other day with about 1200 calories,36 hours fasting once a week and I still gain weight. LOL
    Most of my macros look like this: 15g~30g carb, 30g~50g protein, 40g ~70g fat.
    Is it because of low protein?My ideal weight is 115 lbs. My current body fat is about 23%. How could I get down to 15% body fat if weight doesn't mean much. Thx

  10. Thank you for your videos. PLEASE just state it plainly: women CANNOT expect fat loss eating as much as you guys, ESPECIALLY not the terrible advice to, "up your fats."

  11. I lost 5 lbs on Keto in the first 1 month
    2 months later I gained 6 lbs!
    3 months in I wondered if I should continue and go back to the old normal diet. When I did the normal diet I lost 8 lbs in 5 months and weight stayed off!!

    Back where I started, if not 1 lb more!
    I exercise almost every day HIIT and using weights.
    I dont think Im even fat adapted yet.
    I only wanted to lose 8-10 lbs..why is it so hard!????

  12. I'm a skinny ectomorph interested in keto but needs to gain weight, so I clicked on this video to see what people are doing "wrong" which would actually be "right" for me….lol!

  13. I eat less than 1200 calories where about 70-80% is from fat and on top of that I exercise and do intermittent fasting and I’m gaining weight I don’t know what to do please helpppp

  14. Thank you for this video. Scientific sense. So many people are writing and quoting the same keto book over and over and with the same bad advice.

  15. Ketosis is not weight loss.
    Running down your bodies fat reserve is weight loss.
    Ketosis is how your metabolism runs in the absence of carbs. If you decide to live on fat you will go into ketosis. It might be a "high fat/moderate protein/low carb" (keto macro) diet or your body may be forced to live off body fat if theres no other energy available. Either way this will put you in ketosis.
    Like it or not body fat doesn't go down until theres an energy deficit. If you turn off your food to a degree because the keto foods are heavy you might end up in a deficit. If like me you like those foods just fine you will start to gain weight! I gained weight on keto macros!
    I started fasting 24or36or48 and refeeding on low carb moderate calorie meals. Works great lose about 2 lbs every 24 hrs of fasting, maintain on the feed days. Fasting is easier than caloric restriction because once you turn over to full blown ketosis the hormones that cause hunger are diminished (insulin largely). You just kind of coast along. I feel hunger more 4 hours after eating than 36 hours after!!
    Check out Snake Diet here on youtube. Hes quirky but he highlights the simplicity of just stopping eating. His electrolyte water stopped the mild headaches I got from water fasts. His blunt talk helped me with accountability.

  16. i was always underweight,im 22 i started keto 50 days ago, i eat double the amount i used to (around 2400-2500 calories a day) and around 75-80% fat 15% protein an 5-7% carbs yet im just losing weight.

    i feel much better but even after i lost all the water weight i keep not gaining anything even tho i dont burn too much energy.
    my guess is fast metabolism or inability to absorb fat (tho stool isnt fatty and white).
    any suggestions?

  17. I'm trying to tell you people I lost over 167 lb on a low-carb diet all I did was stick to 25 grams of carbs per meal not per day per meal and I exercised 5 to 7 days a week in LA Fitness. Then I lost another 50 pounds on low-carb and the keto diet nowadays that they're showing is eating far too many vegetables it's far too many sugars and carbs for one day we never ate that much vegetables only thing I ever had was brussel sprouts or broccoli and it was a very few of them once a day and that's how I lost my weight. so I don't understand you think you're keeping your carbs low 25 for a day but when you're adding vegetables and salad to your miscalculated cuz it is too much vegetable vegetables are all carbs no matter how you slice it they all have natural sugars. And diet soda is another killer the only thing I can figure is that the brain cannot tell the truth tell the difference between real sugar and fake sugar and I didn't realize this but I always use Splenda cuz I like the taste but Splenda is actually made from sugar. I wrote the company and they want me back yesterday I was absolutely appalled how the hell can you make diet sugar from sugar or remove sugar from sugar?

    I tried the keto diet recently I didn't lose a goddamn thing in fact I gained it's like insides too hard and so does the keto diet I don't know why you just don't keep your carbs 225 pramil or 50 a day or 25 a day you should be losing weight left and right I can't seem to get it started again I think it only works so long before it doesn't work at all anymore the card guys cuz after I got off of the card guys and lost all that weight I tried to lose another 25 and I never lost anything else I think it only works how many times before it doesn't work at all and recently they told me I'm close to being a diabetic and that's because of the red meats so I'm going to an all vegetation diet pretty much and I'm eating very small meals during the days and for us people who are fatter when you get your flabby arms flapping and your gut flopping you better watch out because the insurance companies refuse to pay for us to be have the extra skin removed unless you had bariatric surgery why because that's a Nazi experiment that they're going to keep giving people. Good luck dudes and dudettes

  18. I have gained 20 lbs in two weeks. I'm fucking starving 18hrs of the day, then I have to eat fat that pretty much makes me sick, then I have to test my piss every fucking 10 minutes…. Good bye Keto nuts… done with this shit.

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